What’s New?

You may have noticed the addition of some of the wrenches, sealers and sealbreakers in the  ”Fruit Jar Tools” album.  I have completed almost all of those categories, so if you have something you don’t see a photo of, please send to me and I will add it to the album.

There have been several additions to the “Fruit Jar Rings” album over the last few weeks.  I haven’t figured out a way to make these additions stand out, so I will list them on the postings so you don’t have to dig through all the folders to see what’s new.  Larry Munson sent in photos of a couple of new round boxes – see the Y002 Yacht Club and the N067 None Such.  Also, there is now a photo of the long-awaited S125 Security round box.  We always knew it existed, just didn’t have a photo until now.  There are also new improved photos of the A077 ARAP, C116 Crawford, M140 Monarch Schaeffer’s, R142 Reliance Perfect Seal, and T060 Tite-Rite Top Seal (in plastic bag).   Some of the more interesting box additions are the D084 Deerwood, F093 Fort Leavenworth, H062 Hillcrest, R071 Red Loc Brand, T061 Tite Rite Single Lip (in plastic bag), and U078 U.S. White.

I’ve also gone through the fruit jar rings album and marked various boxes as “available” – meaning these show up pretty often on eBay, so you know there will be more out there if you miss it once or twice.  Generally, I’ve marked as “not available” those boxes that the photo you see is the only specimen I am aware of.  If you really want it, you better be prepared to bid accordingly.  If there’s no “available” or “not available” comment, there are probably some of those out there, but there may be limited availability or showing up on eBay with varying degrees of frequency.