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  1. Hi Tammy,
    This has become a big project for you. Really appreciate all the work to do the website. I am mostly using it as a reference if I find a ring to see if you already have listed and value. So what you are doing looks great to me.

    Thanks, Jerry

  2. Of all the jar ring boxes you sold on ebay, and of those I bought from you, I wondered if you had any extras of the Rock Dell brand from Tacoma. I’m the one who collects WA/OR advertising.

    • Sorry Marilyn, I don’t. I don’t keep any extras, there are too many boxes in my collection for me to make room for spares. Maybe someone else out there has one? -Tammy

  3. Hello. I am looking for top seal jar rings to use with vintage presto glass lids. They are #10 rings. Do you know the best places for me to be looking?
    Do you know if ‘fruit jar’ rings would be the same? They can’t have the bulge on the side because it would stop the screw caps from screwing on.
    Also, I’ve seen some rings with white on them .. does it tend to be easy to wash off?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,

    • I think the best place to find them is on eBay. Search “jar rings” or “jar rubbers” and they should crop up there fairly often. Or, if you have any antique malls or flea markets near you, that’s also an excellent source. Unfortunately, antique malls and flea markets seem to be dwindling in number and “finds”. The only problem with eBay is that sellers often make the starting price way too high. Establish an amount you’re willing to pay including shipping and stick with it. I’ll be listing some next week, seller “jarsnstuff”, so keep a lookout for them! As far as rings with white on them, that means they’ve been used previously so make sure they’re still pliable and “springy” (there’s still some give when you squish them). The white stuff is probably lime deposit and the best treatment for that is Lime-Away or CLR. It’ll come off easily with a quick dip. Good Luck!

  4. Tammy,
    I do not have email the email address is for a friend. Mr Karcher from Nebraska told me to contact you. Can you send email to this address and I will send back my contact information. Thank you for your time.

    Lyle Krug

  5. First I think your web site is terrific. Second, I’m wondering if having all the original rings in the box adds any value to the box.
    Thank you for your reply.

    • Thanks, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the site. As for your question, other collectors may feel differently than I do so what I say may not mean much. It’s always more desirable to have a full box of the correct rings, but it doesn’t always make a big difference to me. If it’s a rare box with distinctive rings, such as a Ball Diamond Lip, then that does make a big difference in pricing. Round boxes almost never have any rings in them and the rings are never distinctive anyway, so who knows if what’s in there is original or not? General rule? The rarer the box, the less important the contents. My general rule anyway… -Tammy

  6. Hi! Have you ever heard of a round jar ring box by Bradley Catron Co, B Brand C Co, Nebraska City, Nebraska. I can’t find anything. Thanks.

    • Karen, the box you describe is currently unknown. Many of the round boxes listed on the site are one of a kind, yours appears to be one of them. Your box can be added to the listing with a photo, I’ll contact you with an email address to send it to.

  7. Hi Tammy
    It has been a long time. How are things going out west? I have sold most of
    my jars and still have a few ring boxes.
    Jack Andres


  8. Hi,
    Love the website. Any chance of anymore hard copies being made?
    The main reason I’m contacting you is that I seen a box of rings on eBay that I couldn’t find on here. The brand is Fairlawn. Item number 131445600892. There are some other boxes from the same seller as well. Hope this helps with the project.

    • Hi Michael, Yes, I spotted the Fairlawn as well. There are a few boxes waiting to be added to the site and I’ll make sure that one is included. Thanks for the heads up, we need all the sharp eyes we can get! -Tammy

  9. Hi Tammy,
    I enjoy your web site. I had always intended to get around to sending you a bunch of photos of jar wrenches and related items, but organizing them seemed a daunting task. Recently, I have been visiting a Facebook page for jar go-withs: . I have been trying to post one item per day there, which seems more doable than trying to deal with everything at once. Larry Munson and other folks are posting some unusual items as well. I hope that the photos that gradually accumulate in the Facebook group can someday be incorporated into a web page such as yours.

  10. Hello,
    I found another box that I couldn’t find here. EBay item number-271874134070. Simon Pure jar rubbers. May be related to the Tulip brand.

  11. Good evening Tammy, Danny Lawson in Kansas here. Long time no talk to. I’ve been poking around your website which has unleashed a tidal wave of good memories for me. I do have one box that I found a couple of years ago, for just $22 no less. It’s an Aster Fruit Jar Rings made by the Red Slash Rubber/Brazil Rubber Co. No city or state listed. If you can give me an email address I’ll send you some photos of it for your records. Keep up the good work!

  12. Greetings. Year’s ago I collected paper label fruit jars and some accessories. At that time I knew Alex Kerr, who gave me a round box of Mason Jar Rubbers. He told me there were 7 known boxes of them. I want to offer them for sale, hopefully to a collector who will cherish them. I don’t have any idea what they might be worth. Can you help me with the value? I will offer them on ebay and/amazon unless you can suggest something else.
    thank you,
    Marilyn Stevens

    • Hi Marilyn, I can certainly help you sell your items, and help you determine the best venue for selling them. There are many options, can you provide photos? I’ll send you a short email so you can reply with any photos you may be able to send me. Good luck!

  13. Does anyone have any information on where I can find the various R.E Tongue & Bro Fruit jar rings? I have been searching everywhere and am extremely anxious to locate as many different boxes as I can. Thank you for your help! on said:

    I am extremely anxious to find R.E Tongue & Bro Fruit jar rings. If anyone can help me locate them I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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