Rings and Things III

The print version of the Gallery portion of this website is available for purchase directly from the author – me.  Recently updated to include supplements 1 through 4,  It contains 34 color pages of photos and corresponding 34 pages of descriptions along with estimated values, as well as a 20 page section detailing manufacturer information. Comes three hole punched and ready for your 1″ or thicker binder.  Please drop me a note here if you are interested in purchasing a copy.


15 thoughts on “Rings and Things III

  1. Hi Tammy–I am becoming a little aged and am working on selling many of my jar rings. I have a ‘Lightning’ round ring box that is a maroon color, with black printing and in excellent condition. I wonder what it is worth. Am thinking of putting it on
    e-bay. Hope things are going OK and am sorry to hear about Ron passing away. Keri Wetzel just lost her husband also.

  2. I’m interested in purchasing the gallery section of your site, printed binder version that you mentioned you are selling. Thanks, your site is overwhelmingly awesome, the printed version would be especially nice when out hunting and I don’t have good enough cell phone service to access your site on my phone…

  3. I would like to purchase the gallery portion of your ablum. I posted the other day and didn’t see my post, so I’m posting again to see if it sticks this time… Also I bought a “Liberty” box today that I don’t see in your album. Thanks, your site is amazing! And I want a hard copy!

    • Sorry Dave, I’ve been remiss in checking the website. Any messages do have to be approved before you can see them on the site. I’ve sent you a separate email regarding purchasing the book. Hope to hear from you soon! Tammy

  4. I’m sorry, Rings & Things III the book is currently sold out. At the moment, there are no plans to have more copies printed, but if you are interested in a copy (approx. $25.00) please leave a note here and I will let you know when a new printing is done.

  5. I would love to purchase a copy of the 2016 edition. This is THE only comprehensive reference available on the subject. It the source that everyone goes to for fruit jar rings information. Thank you for all of your efforts in compiling this publication.

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