New for July 2013

Just a couple of new boxes since last time, the C014 Cardinal Brand Nuway and P163 Plu-Nel. Also, the variation of the Good (Swastika) Luck G141 Old Style Lightning Seal.

Here is a scan of the R.E. Tongue & Bros. ad  mentioned in the last post.  I guess it’s actually a catalog listing, circa summer of 1926 catalog. Interesting how they describe the Big Chief as their “Best Seller”, when those boxes seem to be pretty scarce.  It seems to me the Lustre is the really common one, with the Excelsior and Ruby falling into the moderate range. Anyway, interesting ad, thought I’d share it. Just click on the picture to see the ad full size.  Full color photos of everything except the Black Knight can be found in the Fruit Jar Rings Album.  This copy of the catalog page was in some of the papers that came with the Jim DeGrado collection, but I believe it’s Larry Munson who has the original page.